Our Mission

Founded in 2007 by Russell Simmons and leaders in the diamond and jewelry industry, the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) is a non-profit international organization with the mission to support initiatives and programs in diamond communities throughout the world with the belief that sustainable development is essential to empower individuals and society to reach their fullest potential. D.E.F. envisions a future for these communities to be strong, stable, economically prosperous and socially invested.

Current Beneficiaries:

CIDA City Campus: South Africa’s first non-profit university to offer a four-year business degree, boasting an 80% employment rate among graduates.

African Leadership Academy: Founded with the belief that ethical leadership is the key to sustainable development on the continent.

Botswana Top Achievers: Based in Gaborone, students are helped in their pursuit of careers that are of strategic importance in driving the economic diversification of the country.

Student Scholars

DEF supports education for students from diamond producing countries. With the purchase of every GOOD Awards ticket, journal ad, or sponsorship, you can provide school supplies, textbooks or school fees for someone. Watch the videos below to learn more about DEF Scholars!